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Be & Relax

Lunch time rejuvenation

Mondays    12.15 - 12.30 I 12.45 - 13.30                                Summer break May - September
Thursdays  12.15 - 13.30

Twice a week we offer your a quiet oasis of peace over lunch. Mondays you may enjoy the ten minute guided relaxation, that enables you to calm down and begin your afternoon rejuvenated and fresh. Thursdays you may just enjoy the stillness.

Our doors are open from 12.15 until 13.30 - you decide how long you'll be & relax. During the guided relaxation on Mondays the doors close between 12.15 and 12.30. To balance out the energy levels you contribute CHF 5.- per visit. 

Come, be & regenerate...

Relax into Greatness

Access the state of Yoga through deep relaxation and practice of Sankalpa 

Working on your Master degree? College, UNI oder Project stress? You need energy and rest? We have it all!

Relax into Greatness is deep sleep with a slight trace of awareness. It makes a huge impact on your wellbeing, body mind an spirit. Love for life, inspiration, relaxation and patience can be one of many positive attributes unfolding with a regular practice. 

World renowned studies prove that concentration is improved tremendously, cronical pain can be relieved and anxiety can be reduced. RiG is also successfully used for insomnia, sleeping disorders, burn and bore out, as well after operations and during accident recoveries:

  • Learn to deeply relax with only a slight trace of awareness 
  • Central- and autonomic nervous system learn to relax systematically together with your mind
  • Regenerate your body and soul, whilst your mind gets clear 

Relax into Greatness also offers the opportunity to change behavioural patterns and release deep rooted hearth wishes by the practice of Sankalpa. It's possible to gain deep insight in the nature of your own self.  We offer RiG also as private lesson, tailored to what you need.

Get the high of Yoga by relaxing deeply!


Prerequisites: Attended the Sankalpa Workshop or worked on the topics with five private lessons.

AY Nidra

Relax and rejuvenate with the hights of Yoga

Do you need energy and deep relaxation? We've got it! 

AY Nidra - is a deep reaching formula offered by the tantric Hatha Yoga Tradition. It leads you into systematic relaxation and regeneration - allowing the body, mind and soul to experience the hight's of Yoga - and that without moving a bone!

Come fetch your energy, for your day and everything that brings you joy in life - Moreover learn how to hold your energy in turbulent and hectic times, by doing this simple practice regularly. We tailor this practice to your needs - taught in a private setting.

Hari Om

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