Special Schedule

As of August 18 until September 10, 2019 we have a special Schedule.

#metoo# not with us.

AyurvedaYoga has enriched its Code of Ethics with the complete CoE of ParaYoga.

We are proud to be entrusted with and stand up for these values. We are all committed to this conduct. If you have any questions, please come and ask us.

PY CoE pdf

Hallo Yoga - The book

Currently available HalloYoga book

Currently available HalloYoga book

Inspired through her own practice and brought to life by a deeply seated heart wish, Misty recently welcomed Caterina, the founder and owner of “Hallo Yoga”, in an AY class.

“Yoga shall be accessible for anyone. Beginners that are looking for a Studio shall be given an easy “in” to practice. Advanced Yogis are invited to try new things and make new discoveries.”

Caterina and AY agree on that and so are super excited that AyurvedaYoga will be part in the HalloYoga 4.0.

We highly recommend this sweet gift book with 14 free Yoga Classes in Zurich. It offers plenty more Goodies to anyone that feels lost in Zurich’s Yoga jungle and is suitable for every Yogi that loves to try new things and stay flexible on and off the mat :-)

It’s the ideal gift - you can even give it to yourself!

Further infos www.halloyoga.ch

Absolute Beginners Yoga


Thursdays, September 12 I 19 I 26, 2019
18.00 - 19.00
At the Studio

You’ve always wanted to try Yoga and have the best intentions to do so in 2019? Then you are looking for us and we for you :-)

During these three evenings you will learn about the ground stones to stay healthy on a body, mind and soul level, where AyurvedaYoga stands in the middle point.  

  • Simple movements (taking possible disabilities of the body into account) introducing you to the Asanas - body postures

  • Ayurveda daily, practical tips

  • Breathing

There are no prerequisites necessary for this workshop. Everyone is welcome to participate :-) Please bring comfortable clothes and your own yoga mat (BYOM). Afterwards you can join the Mondays AY Beginners class and continue to deepen your knowledge and practice. Later on it will be possible to take other classes on our schedule too.

We are looking forward to see you!

Misty & Florian 

Price           CHF 115.- for three evenings in a small group
Payments by September 1, 2019
Sign up     by September 1, 2019

AY Beginners

Upon leaving the yoga room you will feel your body strengtheneda and your mind calmer. Even as a Newbie it’s possible - come and experience it for yourself!

In these classes we teach the basics and furhter stepping stones to move deeper into yoga and pranayama (breath practices). Bodily limitations are taken into account. Before joining this class it would be ideal if you have compleated one of our yoga beginners workshops.

We are looking forward to meet you.


AY Vitality

Yoga means to understand....
...yourself. To rest in the midst of your heart. Be one with nature, yourself and our environment. 

In a society, where you and every one around you are constantly stressed, overworked and faced with rapidly decreasing social connections - where you you find time to listen to your heart?

Your drained body and nervous system don't want to face more movement or strenuous Asanas to find the light of the heart. They are longing for a full, deep breath and immersion into deep stillness as well as time to be able to flow with nature. …opening the way to your heart. 

AY Vitaly picks you up with fluent movements, as well as steady positions that let you meet your mat, observe and relax.

You will learn how to breathe properly and how to direct the breath. Simultaneously you are preparing your body and mind for the subsequent meditation.

Om Shanti

ParaYoga Nidra®

Access the state of Yoga through enlightened sleep  

ParaYoga Nidra® is a truly unique form Yoga Nidra handed to us by our dear Teacher Yogarupa, Rod Stryker, directly from the lineage of the Himalayan Masters. It translates as enlightened sleep (deep relaxation with a slight trace of awareness). It combines the stages of waking - dreaming - deep sleep - transcendence. It makes a huge impact on your wellbeing, body mind an spirit. Love for life, inspiration, relaxation and patience can be one of many positive attributes unfolding with a regular practice. Let yourself be surprised by what else will unfold!

The Thursday class is a Yoga Nidra study of AY and closed for the public.

Fire & Light

Energy blockades are removed. Your mind gets clearer and it is possible to move in to the evening, calmer, more quiet and at ease.

Our open classes are held in a small number to ensure that we can give you the attention and time that you need. It gives us the opportunity to assist you and lead you deeper into your practice. Discover, lighten and nurture your inner fire with the time tested wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. Deepen your personal practice systematically and profoundly.

We will be delighted to have you!

AY Complete Practice

This class is the heart of AY!

Asana, Pranayama, Savasana, PYN-Pranayama and PYN Essentials. Get a bit of the AY Retreat feeling in these 90 minutes. Is there anything more awesome to end the mid point of your week?

There you go.

And if you’re not sure, how to answer the question above - you definitely need to take this class :-)

Sunday Morning Glory


Get up and shine!

Start your Sunday by lighting your fire (Agni) with some Asanas accompanied by guided and suited breathing during practice. Find your inner light and peace during this class. Ending your week relaxed, embracing the coming one with open arms and an open heart, by rounding off your practice with the finishing Meditation.... 

Start your Sunday with AY :-)



AY Retreat 2020

Stress reduction & relaxation at Lake Constance 

Ascension week
May 21 - May 24, 2020

You organise your individual arrival and departure

The detailed program will follow in due course. The Practices and Lectures are in German and English.

AY Retreat at Lake Constance - Dates 2021/22

Stress reduction & Complete Relaxation with AY

Ascension week
May, 12 - 16, 2021 and May, 25 - 29 2022

individual arrival and departure to the Humboldt Haus

Schedule and exact program will follow in due course. Mark your agendas as the spots always fill up quickly :-)

General Policy
With cancellations up to one week prior to Workshops refunds are made. A deduction of administration fees of CHF 50.00 apply. Thereafter no refunds. Retreats have special conditions. General class conditions are listed under "Prices".