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Our bio film is home made. Pure & True.

We have completed our in depth education with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. He is one of the leading, most respected authorities of the West, who teaches Yoga, Tantra and Meditation - in short the ancient, living Tradition of Sri Vidya.

He has enabled us to share this wisdom with everyone that is seeking lasting peace and happiness. 


Angelica & Misty
Founders I Management

Our bio film is currently only available in German.

Light on the Students...

The bio film of your students is home made. Pure & True.

Without our Yogis, it would just be the two of us in class. Therefore we really wanted to let our students speak.

Our students bio film is currently only available in German.


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Karma Teacher

Grew up in the mountaineous canton of Graubünden and moved to Zurich at the age of 21. Back then he loved endurance training to “come down” after a busy day. Rather by coincidence, Juri found himself, together with a friend, in one of Angelica’s yoga lessons at ASVZ (the university’s sports program). This was a crucial event. The practice left him not only with a fantastic feeling of his physical body, but also with a clarity of mind that he had never experienced before. From that moment on, he attended yoga classes regularly, initially at ASVZ. Soon after Juri switched to the AyurvedaYoga classes at the studio.

"Today I can't imagine a life without yoga, the effects of my regular practice are simply too convincing:

  • neck tension after a long day at the desk - that’s history!

  • miserable autumn wheather in Zurich - for me no reason to have the blues!

  • more energy to get things done, feeling healtier, content & having self-confidence - yes!

For all that I have to thank the loving support of Misty & Angelica and their precise instructions on the mat, as well as their precious advice off the mat. The depth of their classes at the homely environement in their studio can't be compared with an open class.

They also made it possible for me to teach the Men’s Yoga at AY. This gives me so much joy. It is a great gift, to be able to pass on what one has been taught."

...and we have discovered a Yogi that has been waiting to be awakened :-) We are pleased to have Juri on our AY Team!


Karma Yogi

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Florians roots lie in Bregenz, Austria close to the beautiful Bodensee. Various events have brought him to the mat about 10 years ago. He was one of the original Yogis in Misty's legendary Friday-Class and with time he began to engage himself more and more for the AyurvedaYoga Studio. Florian is very versatile in various topics concerning health and environmental issues tied to it. He has in dept knowledge of health care protection too. This also includes topics that make people uncomfortable of the mat - and speakeasies therein always enrich our AY-Events profoundly. Florian is one of our corner stones at the Sangha Dinner, not only as a guest but also as a cook. His love for details and his absolute affinity for cooking make the saying "love wanders through the stomach" real. 

As of autumn 2018 he will be leading the Mini-Yoga for our youngest clientele and grand Yogis to be. We are delighted to have him on board and see him enrich AY with his various talents.