Ayurvedic Massages with Christine

During an ayurvedic massage warm oils are a key element. They are reconciled with your ayurvedic constitution (Dosha) and your physical discomforts. The warm oils move rapidly into your skin and tissue, whereby they serve as softeners binding toxins and slags efficiently. Soft pressure on marma points - these are ayurvedic energy points that signal the body to produce exactly what it needs, including hormones and neurochemicals, that heal body, mind and consciousness. They run along the two major systems: blood vessles and bones - Combined with long strokes and kneadings disband your blockages and open your energy lanes .

Ayurvedic treatments are for your general wellbeing, but moreover they strenghten your imune system and help regenerate. In short, these treatments serve as health prophylaxis if done regularly. In all massages the necessary resting time is included. Discover and feel for yourself the wholesome effect of Ayurveda with Christine.


The classic oil massage Abhyanga is one of the most nourishing practices that have been mentioned in the ayurvedic scriptures. It offers strength, longevity and pacification to the body and mind. In Sanskrit the word sneha has two meanings, one is ‘oil’ and another is ‘love’. It is believed that the effects of Abhyanga  is similar to those received when one is saturated with love. Like the experience of being loved, Abhyanga can give a deep feeling of stability and warmth. Sneha is subtle, this allows the oil/love to pass through marma channels in the body and pierce the deep layers of your tissue. Especially during winter time Abhyanga  is a wonderful treatment and highly recommended. If you previously desire a determination of your Dosha, Christine will gladly to that with you during your pre-massage conversation.

90 minutes (with conversation and determination of your ayurvedic constitution)


This therapeutic massage treatment is beneficial for those suffering from localised pain or tightness in the back area. Ayurvedic herbal oils are used during the treatment piercing the skin and promoting tissue healing. By releasing pain and tension it allowes you to relax deeply.

60 minutes

Pinda Sweda

Even just the heath of the herbal stamp bag will highten your blood circulation and excite the metabolism of the treated spots (skin, muscles and joints). Through the Pinda Sweda treatment your skin gets more activated in the excretion of toxins and taking in new matter. The effects are hightened by the warmth of the herbs. The massage is truly beneficial if you're suffering from blocked joints, weak connective tissue, braced, sore muscles, as well as overstrained nerves.

60 minutes or 90 minutes with leg package


The facial-head-neck massage has a very calming, harmonising and realxing effect on your body and mind. It loosenes inner and outer tension, cleans and vitalises - besides that it's a natural Anti-Aging remedy. The massage can be applied for headaches, neck issues and sleeping disorders.

Marma points in the area of the chin, upper lip and eye brows, as well as forehead and ears are stimulated during this treatment. Thereby the energy flow is harmonised and circulation of the blood is stimulated.

45 minutes I 90 minutes when in addition with an ayurvedic facial treatment


Being massaged with warm sesame oil mixed with herbal ingeredients the soft kneading of the feet, caves and knees evict restlessnes. Rough and dry skin of the feet becomes silky soft and well nourished. The feet receive strenght and stability to stand strong in daily life.

The whole organism is strenghtened with fluent, soothing strokes over the marma points that run along your legs. Thereafter you will be walking on clouds.

45 minutes I in combination wiht a foot massagae 60 minutes

Depend on the durance of the massage and are paid in cash. Please let Christine know how long you would like the treatment to last for, when booking your appointment. 

45 minutes = CHF 70.-
60 minutes = CHF 85.-
90 minutes = CHF 140.-

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