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Summer Vacation

AyurvedaYoga is gonna enjoy a summer vacation. Our doors open again on August 28, 2018. 

Happy Summer,
AY Team

AY Beginners

18.00 - 19.00

At the Studio

When leaving the room you feel energised on all levels. Experience it yourself - even as a Newbie it will happen easily :-)

Our open classes are kept small, then having time and being able to attend to YOUR needs is our highest aim. It gives us the possibility to support and promote you as you need it. This enables you to discover, spark and nurture your inner fire with the time tested knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga. Find your personal "in" with Yoga, develop a systematic Practice and actively shape your health on a body, mind and spirit level.

We are looking forward to having you.

Price: 35.- CHF or AY-Abo

Opening Shangha Dinner

The kick off to our Autumn/Winter Sangha period is on Friday, October 5, 2018. Reservations can be placed with Misty. We will cook a three course menu under the theme of "balanced acid basis body". To let you experience the delicious way to clean the body inside out with little effort and a happy tummy :-) AY annual pass holders, kindly announce when booking, if you wish to use a free entry.

Bon Appetit

Immersion into Fire & Light

Thursdays, autumn dates will follow
18.oo - 19.30
LuluLemon, Niederdorf Zürich

What is Tantra? In short it means “to be heart-touched”. Remember the last time you were so happy to be alive and grateful for life? Could’ve been a hug, a smile of someone crossing you on the street or a sweet ray of sunshine on your cheek. Tantra is a most life-affirming and all-inclusive spiritual system and the light of a living tradition. Yet it also means to expand beyond all limitations. Moreover it means to “weave, to accelerate” and this is where the practices and philosophy of tantric hatha yoga teachings come into play - the skillful and conscious shaping of your energy and thus creating a positive direction for your mind. For energy follows thought. Tantra’s ultimate aim is fulfillment, freedom and accomplish-ment. We will lead you through this immersion practice with asanas, pranayama and meditation to discover your Fire & Light.

All sessions are complimentary classes, taught in German & English.

Go get yourself one of these limited spots and sign up at Lulu Lemon: klick-me

Misty & Juri

Relax into Greatness

Access the state of Yoga through deep relaxation and practice of Sankalpa 

You need energy and rest? We have what you need!

Relax into Greatness is a truly unique form of ParaYoga Nidra, that translates as deep relaxation with a slight trace of awareness. It combines the stages of waking - dreaming - deep sleep - transcendence. It makes a huge impact on your wellbeing, body mind an spirit. Love for life, inspiration, relaxation and patience can be one of many positive attributes unfolding with a regular practice. Let yourself be surprised by what else will unfold!

AyurvedaYoga Workshop

Fridays November 9 I 16 I 23, 2018
18.30 - 19.45 Uhr
At the Studio

On these three evenings you will learn about the ground stones to stay healthy on a body, mind and soul level, where AyurvedaYoga stands in the middle point.  

  • Simple movements (taking possible disabilities of the body into account) 
  • Ayurveda daily, practical tips 
  • Breathing

There are no prerequisites necessary for this workshop. Everyone is welcome to participate :-) Please bring comfortable clothes and your own yoga mat.  

Price:         CHF 115.- for three evenings in a small group
Sign up:    by October 31, 2018 via Email to Misty

I'm looking forward to see you!


 Humboldt Haus Terace

Humboldt Haus Terace

AY Retreat over Easter

Regenerate and reduce stress at Bodensee

April 2019
Please plan your individual arrival and departure 

Know the impact of enduring stress on your body, mind an soul - how can you make a lasting change and difference with Yoga, to reduce stress? This is our core topic during all AY Retreats. 

Furhter details to the Yoga program will follwow in due course ....

Please add your name, surname and mobile number.

AY Retreat 

Heart Wishes & the Resistance to Change 

Ascension week
17 - May 24, 2020
Individual arrival and departure on both Sundays

This weekly Retreat focuses on the holistic implementation of Yoga and its philosophy in daily life. We will show you methods and ways, how Yoga can be lived and integrated - off the mat. Moreover we will speak about the inevitable consequences that arise if you permanently ignore you deep rooted heart wishes. 

In a society, where you and every one around you are constantly stressed, overworked and faced with rapidly decreasing social connections - where do you find time to listen to your heart? How can you recognise and fulfill your deep rooted heart wishes? Do you live your dreams? What if Practice alone can not address all these questions? What if the quiet time is missing to immerse in meditation? Yet you are longing for full, deep breaths, deep stillness, time to be able to flow with nature and to feel your needs and unfolding your full potential to live a successful and happy life - then this AY Retreat is exactly for you!

The week long AY Retreat will focus amongst on following topics: 

- AY Relaxation Practices, Asana, Pranayama und Meditation
- Relax into Greatness and Yoga Nidra
- Sankalpa and implementing it successful
- Vikalpa and getting rid of it sucessful
- Asana, Pranayama und Meditation
- Realising where the resistance to change lies and how to over come it
- the consequences of not changing
- find contentment and how to cultivate it off the mat in daily life 

We highly recommend a regular practice of Relax into Greatness and the completion of our Sankalpa Immersion Workshop. Both techniques and practices therein are woven into the program of this Retreat and build the perfect foundation. Further the reading of "The Four Deisres" by Rod Stryker are a great plus in preparation.

Changes can apply if seen fit. One day will be an "off day" to digest. The Practices and Lectures are in German and English.

7.30 Uhr        Breakfast
8.30 Uhr        Lecture, Q&A and Practice
13.00 Uhr      Lunh
15.00 Uhr      Lecture, Q&A, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Practice and Meditation
18.00 Uhr     Dinner

The AY Program costs are CHF 900.- per person and is due until March 31, 2020. Upon registration a Retainer of CHF 400.- is due. This will automatically guarantee your spot. The balance is due until March 31, 2020. Reimbursements are possible until one month prior the retreat, minus a deduction of the administration fee of CHF 100. Thereafter reimbursements are only possible if your spot can be filled with a person on the waiting list. Participant space is limited! You will kindly bring your own yoga mat, bolster, belt and enough paper/pens to take notes.

Humboldt Haus - Buchung
The rooms with meals are between € 65.- bis € 78.- and bookable directly at Humboldt Haus: You can also stay on their fields with your camper or tent.

At the end of the day Yoga means to understand yourself. To rest in the midst of your heart. Be one with nature, yourself and our environment. We want to share our knowledge, tools and experience with you, so you can find your personal path to lasting happiness. We are looking forward to having YOU and spending these days @ the Humboldt Haus together.

Angelica & Misty

Please add your name, surname and mobile number.


Sunday Morning Glory

Sundays - every two weeks as of October    
10.30 -  12.00
At the Studio

Get up and shine!

Start your Sunday by lighting your fire (Agni) with some Asanas accompanied by guided and suited breathing during practice.  We will get you going for sure! Find your inner light and peace during this class. Ending your week relaxed, embracing the coming one with open arms and an open heart, by rounding off your practice with the finishing Meditation.... 

Angelica & Misty


19.15 - 20.45                 
At the Studio

What ever you do, extreme sports, hiking or going about your daily life - it's about the how, when & how much that is important!

Yoga and flexibility can meet each other during practice, but it's by far not as important as society makes it out to be. Hence this lesson is especially for the Inflexible men! 

It is most certainly for men, who seek lasting contentment, strength and lasting highs - instead of short ones - and want to cultivate these further. 

Find YOUR Yoga. True and lasting.



AY Vitality

19.15 - 20.30

At the Studio

Yoga means to understand....
...yourself. To rest in the midst of your heart. Be one with nature, yourself and our environment. 

In a society, where you and every one around you are constantly stressed, overworked and faced with rapidly decreasing social connections - where you find time to listen to your heart?

Your drained body and nervous system don't want to face more movement or strenuous Asanas to find the light of the heart. They are longing for a full, deep breath and immersion into deep stillness as well as time to be able to go with nature. 

AY Vitaly picks you up after a long working day with some soft movements that let you meet your mat or a chair relaxed and focused.

You will learn how to breathe properly and how to direct the breath. Simultaneously you are preparing your body and mind for the meditation:

Prana Dharana is a tantric Hatha Yoga meditation, learnt stepwise. Through guided breathing, thereby building capacity to hold the breath (longer in- and exhales) you are also building up vital life energy "Prana" and can then linger in stillness...

....opening the way to your heart. 

Om Shanti

General Policy
With cancellations up to one week prior to Workshops refunds are made. A deduction of administration fees of CHF 50.00 apply. Thereafter no refunds. Retreats have special conditions. General class conditions are listed under "Prices".