Prices for Yoga, One2One and more

Apprentices and Students have special conditions.

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AY account details

CHF 35.-  

CHF 300.-
All classes. Valid for six months.

CHF 500.-
All classes. Valid for six months.

CHF 1'350.-
All classes. Valid for 12 months as of purchase date.

CHF 1'125.-
PYN® classes. Valid for 12 months as of purchase date.

CHF 120.- (1 hr.)
The one2one yoga lesson is suitable for everyone, independent of age, gender or possible bodily imbalances and is ideal to address following points:

  • Your are the only student

  • You will be corrected as needed

  • Practice suiting your personal schedule & goals

  • Evolve on your yoga path

You can meet one of us in a frequency that speaks to what you desire. We will determine the focus points at start and review them regularly.

CHF 250.- (2 hrs.)
If you desire to build a private practice that focuses even more closely to your personal growth, we will send you a short questionnaire that will give us an overview on your current health and practice status. Thereby your spiritual, psychic and physical states are considered as well. This picks you up where you are today to lead you towards happiness.

The yoga practice can entail movements (asana), breathing (pranayama), meditation, mantra and visualisations.

Account details

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10 Card

20 Card

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Personal Practice


Bring us your valid student ID and join all our classes with special conditions. Kindly contact us, if there are any questions.

Offer Students



We are proud Partners of the Kaufmännischen Verband Zürich (Commercial Association)  and offer special conditions for apprentices and recent Graduates!

Once you and our mates build a group of four - you enjoy Yoga in a private group, that is only for apprentices :-)

Offer Kfmv

You’re not a commercial apprentice? Well, we have a special offer for waiting for you too :-) Just pop us an Email, Whats App or Telegramm.


You're on a limited budget? Contact us for the AY-Budget Offer. Cancellation 24h prior to class is free for AY-Card holders. Otherwise automatic booking on card. Cancellation 48h prior to Privates is free of charge. Otherwise complete fee due. Insurance is subject of the client. Prices may change without prior notice.