Vairagya, sprich Unabhängigkeit ist wie ein Feuer welches die bindende Kraft vergangener Samskaras verbrennt. Vairagya bedeutet nicht Gleichgültigkeit oder nicht-liebend! Unabhängigkeit und Liebe sind dasselbe. Unabhängigkeit vermittelt Frieden und Freiheit, aber Abhängigkeit vermittelt Knechtschaft. 

Swami Rama

Sri Vidya

Sri Vidya means the science or knowledge of Sri: resplendent, grace, beauty, the highest, most excellent, the beneficent and generous. As a discipline, its aim is to ensure that you thrive in every facet of life. The path takes you toward this realisation, initially by helping you cultivate greater stability and self-reliance, showing you the way to accept the totality of you – light and dark, then gradually as you build greater self-knowledge, increasing your access to Prana-Shakti, life-force and then, in time, seamlessly collecting a sense of reverence/devotion. Thus, Sri Vidya is a path of knowledge and power, reflection and love––rooted in the sacred revelation that life is inherently beautiful-––yes, beautiful, as well as inherently Divine––and that you are part of Divinity. But don't let the description distract you, experiencing your self and the world in light of Sri is what it's all about.

Yogarupa, Rod Stryker



Nothing is forever, says the Mother in a talk to her sons.
"Yes Mama, truth. Truth is forever." says her eight year old son.

Wisdom lies within you. Clean and still your body through Asanas. Control energy through Pranayama and lead it to the right corners. Quiet your mind with Meditation. Let the wisdom shine!

Rod Stryker

 No one can take away your peace, only you can take away your peace.
And furthermore, only you can give yourself peace!


Ayurveda & Yoga

Yoga, too, should include Ayurveda in order to be complete. Hatha Yoga is incomplete without an ayurvedic view o the body. Raja Yoga is incomplete without an ayurvedic understanding of the mind. All yogis must recognise the importance and value of right diet and herbs as yogic tools, and of ayurvedic purification measures like pancha karma as tools to prepare the body for yoga. Generally, however, Ayurveda works at healing and purifying the body and mind while yoga aims at taking us to Self-realisation, which depends upon a purified body and mind. In this way, the foundation of yoga should be Ayurveda and the fruit of Ayurveda should be yoga.


Giving Thanks

I'm grateful today, because I am mindful that for some there are no more days. I am grateful for the gifts of food and a home, because I am mindful of those who have neither food, nor home.

I'm grateful for love and community in my life, because I am mindful that some feel neither love, nor community. I'm grateful for my freedom, because I am mindful that some are not free.
I'm grateful for hope, because i am mindful that some are hopeless.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, because I'm mindful
that there are those who don't feel blessed. 

Yet gratitude not shared is little more than arrogance and blind pride. Gratitude is humbling, ever wanting to expand its reach and touch the lives of those who have less
abundance, less safety, less opportunity, less freedom - less life.

Indeed, give thanks. Give away your gratitude. 
Merry-having-time-to-spend-with-loved-ones to you! 


Happiness is not about accumulating enough things that you want in your life, it's actually living with a purpose. Understand that your purpose is not something you create, your purpose is already in you.

Simply be.

We live in a progress and speed-driven world and our cultural demand for high-powered, intense vinyasa-flows only reflects this. But yoga can also provide safe havens for anyone who wishes to escape the pervasive feeling that they always have to be busy.

There's a strong case for re-learning the art of moving slowly and rediscovering presence: a skill we can only master when we manage to be (not do) more.  So come on, let's pace ourselves.


Visnu Purana

The silencing of all mental transformation which leads to the total realisation of the Supreme Self is called Yoga. 


Pure Yoga

By purity, the mind becomes happy and concentrated, capable of witnessing the Self.


Make peace

Make peace with things you don't have any control over. Find a relationship with them. Find where you don't just accept changes, but learn to love them...even those that seem less favorable.


Do things differently

Have the courage to do things differently…to step back in your own knowingness and ask,
“Where am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to be doing?”


The aim of Yoga

The aim of Yoga is joyful and fearless living. 
So practice and thrive :-)


The spirit of Tantra

Live by your principles, endure pain, transform your life from the inside,
and then you are making the best use of your life as a human.



The word karma means “action.” Any action we perform, whether mental, verbal, or physical, creates a subtle impression in the unconscious.