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One of a kind

In contrast to regular online Yoga, we offer a real-time transmission. You can see me from all angles, whether I am sitting or moving - and I see you on the big screen. This makes practicing safe because we can correct where necessary and there is a mutual exchange via audio and video. This deepens your feeling of the community experience. Ancient wisdom for modern seekers communicated with modern tools.

Asana Anatomy

The biodynamics of Asanas

Asanas demand a lot from the body! In order for your body to stay healthy in the long term, it's important that you know what belongs where and, even more, that you recognize signals from your body if something is wrong - and can react accordingly.


In this class, in addition to Asanas, you will learn about the anatomy of the body. This way you will be safely guided into the positions so that you can explore and deepen them with pleasure. You can thus perceive your body in a more differentiated manner and cultivate more mindfulness. Meditation rounds off this extraordinary lesson.


Find your path

When you leave the room, you will feel calmer, both physically and mentally. Experience it for yourself. In these lessons we teach the basics of Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing). Physical restrictions are also taken into account. After around six months, you can attend other AY classes and thus deepen your practice and discover new things.

Breath Essentials

Breathe, but skillfully

In this lesson you will learn about your respiratory system. You will be systematically introduced to the yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama) so that you can explore and deepen them with pleasure. Proper breathing is the cornerstone of Yoga and lays the path to lasting health.

Breath & Clarity

Pranayama and Meditation

Here the exercises of Pranayama (breathing) and Dhyana (Meditation) are woven together. Breath enlivens your connection to Prana, your life force. If you know the value of your breathing and are able to use it purposefully, it simplifies the access to Meditation. The latter fills your restless and agitated mind with calm and clarity. Proper breathing ensures good health.

Complete Practice

The Heart and Soul of AY

This is an advanced class, regular experience with ParaYoga Nidra® (PYN) is required.


Asanas loosen the energy blockades in your body and together with Pranayama, used throughout the sequence, your mind becomes calmer. You learn to be present and move your awareness inward during the PYN. Is there anything more awesome to ease into an evening with? And if you’re not sure, how to answer the question you definitely need to take this class. Let yourself be surprised by the positive changes.

Fire & Light

The Signature Class of AY

Energy blockages disappear, clarity arises in the mind and it is possible to step off the mat more calmly and quietly. Discover, kindle, and nourish your inner fire with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. Systematically deepen and expand your persobal yoga practice.

Lunch Flow

Refill for the weekend

Asanas, Pranayama, and a little Meditation bring you into balance, challenge you, and let you step off the mat as relaxed as if the weekend had already started.

ParaYoga Nidra®

Enlightened Sleep 

Welcome inner calm and spiritual clarity!


We are pleased to be able and teach ParaYoga Nidra® «Enlightened Sleep». We are currently the only certified teachers in Switzerland. The unique curriculum for this form of Yoga Nidra has only recently been opened up by Yogarupa Rod Stryker as a teacher training.


Enlightened Sleep makes a significant contribution to keeping body, mind and spirit healthy. It unites the stages of waking - dreaming - deep sleep - transcendence. ParaYoga Nidra® conveys joie de vivre, inspiration, serenity, patience, and much, much more. We teach different forms of ParaYoga Nidra ®.


Read more about these lessons here and listen to the personal experiences of our Yogis.



Access the Heart

The yoga philosophy clearly states that Ojas «life energy» must be taken care of. Often burnout is a clear sign that the life energy is disappearing. Crank up your regeneration and give your nervous system a particularly beneficial break from the eternal «fight & flight» mode, which weakens your immune system in the long run.


During Restorative your breathing becomes calm and deep, which promotes relaxation, relieves tension, builds up energy, and promotes regeneration. The optionally following ParaYoga Nidra® then leads you into the deepest levels of relaxation, which enables access to the heart.

Sunday Morning Glory

A new beginning

Start your Sunday by awakening your fire (Agni) through Asanas and correct, attentive breathing. We will make a significant contribution to this! This lesson strings the topics of the week like pearls on a necklace. Find your inner light and inner calm with the Meditation, that rounds off the practice. Treat yourself to a relaxed end of the week, approach what is to come in an open and energetic manner ...

Sweat & Bounce

Tone, Strech and Dance

This lesson is about fun, will make you sweat, and takes you into other spheres with good tunes .... It strengthens the body and will, elicits serotonin from the brain. This combination lets you enjoy the relaxation that follows with a sense of well-being and serenity.


In times like this, we need recipes like this!

Unwind Now

Lightness of being

In this class, you build physical strength and flexibility while focusing on mind and breath. The special composition of the Asanas (yoga positions) brings a lightness of being and the subsequent systematic relaxation deeply regenerates body and mind. The practice concludes with a short guided Meditation.


Challenge your body, mind and breath

Good knowledge of tantric hatha yoga (Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas and Meditation) is desirable. An introductory topic awaits you, which turns into a flowing and demanding Asana practice. After a luscious Savasana, Pranayama will lead into Meditation.

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