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AY Vouchers

Contentment for your loved ones

You would like to do something nice for a friend or loved one, and then you thought of us? Why thank you so much. We'd love to help you succeed on this good quest.


AyurvedaYoga offers the following voucher options

  • AY Classes*

  • AY One2One ​

  • AY Home Practice 

  • AY Member Cards

  • AY Retreats, you choose the amount

  • Mentoring & Counseling

Every voucher is valid for one year and is personal. We will send it to you via E-Mail, thinking of our environment. Any questions, then just holler at Misty, she'll be glad to attend to them. 

Om Shanti,
AY Team

*Classes that are only available with Member Cards are excluded from this offer.