Home Practice

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You desire to build a home practice that focuses even more closely on your personal growth, or already have a home practice but need a brush-up - then you are on the right path! We require that you have been practicing with AY for a while or worked with us in the Mentoring & Counseling program for a minimum of six months prior to asking for a Home Practice.

We will send you a detailed questionnaire that will give us an overview of your current health and practice status. Your spiritual, psychic, and physical states are considered as well. The Ayurveda questionnaire provides us with basic knowledge about your
Doshas & Gunas and their status. This picks you up where you are today and we can design a practice that can help lead you towards freedom.

The yoga practice can entail movements (Asana), breathing (Pranayama), meditation, mantra, and visualisations (Kriyas), maybe even ParaYoga Nidra®, along with recommendations for basic Ayurveda in daily life.

We meet again to discuss questions and make sure your alignment is correct in the practice (not included in the initial fee). Thereafter we meet according to individual appointments. 

CHF 280.- I 2h

A designed Home Practice. Individual and uniqe like you.


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