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Inner Teacher Program

Your personal Yoga training

Mentoring with Misty in line with your training at ParaYoga




Your way is my goal


Yoga and everything related to it has fascinated you for a long time and it is your desire to experience and learn more. You have already looked at various teacher trainings (YTT), but you haven't found what you are looking for? Or have you already completed a YTT and would like more knowledge and delve deeper into the subject - then you are at the right place.



AY Inner Teacher Program combined with ParaYoga Certification Program


  • You can deepen your personal practice with the PYT program


  • You expand your knowledge based on the tradition of Sri Vidya


  • You can get a 300h RYT or 500h RYT diploma from Yoga Alliance


  • You can become a Level 1 Certified ParaYoga Teacher and then continue studying up to Level 3


The conditions, principles and philosophy of ParaYoga apply to the entire training program. Good English skills are an important part of being able to walk this path.



Why my support is valuable


  • You can tailor your training so that it is compatible with your life.


  • I will encourage and challenge you with over 15 years of personal practice and professional experience in ParaYoga.


  • We all meet regularly for live sessions in the studio -> program (follows)


  • In the weeks in between, there are hourly zoom sessions.


  • You can learn and exchange ideas personally with the other AY yogis who participate in the Inner Teacher Program.


  • Our live sessions that I record are available to you on the AY online platform (to follow in 2021/2022) during the training period.


  • You can combine the online training with on-site training support from AY.


  • The Inner Teacher Program is a YACEP and is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This is also ideal if you have already completed a 200 RYT and now want to go deeper.


  • ... and because it's not fun on your own :-)



Prices & details


  • Live sessions take place every three weeks in the studio


  • There is an hourly livestream in the week after the meeting


  • Costs per 60 minutes per person are CHF 100 (cash on site). This also includes the time I need for pre- and post-processing, including providing the recorded sessions for you.


  • If you miss a planned session, you are responsible for editing the material yourself. You are welcome to book me for an interim session via Mentorship & Counseling, which will then also be billed at the conditions there.​


Do you still have questions, then do me a date and we clarify this together.


If you are ready for this new chapter in your yoga path, then register here for one of the four spots for the our start in September 2021.