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Senior Teacher and Owner


Life has shown itself to me in many facets. The question of meaning became a central issue in early adolescence. Combining work and family, not forgetting your own person and development - that was often a balancing act without warming up the muscles beforehand. Music, dance and trips to distant countries brought me relaxation. My education in medicine took me through internal medicine to the field of oncology, which still gives me enormous foresight today, but at the same time teaches me humility and gifts me with satisfaction in life.


My training as a yoga teacher took me to many parts of the world. My teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker has proven to be a unique person and mentor to this day. Through the happy combination of medicine and movement I found one of the oldest Eastern traditions of yoga, the extensive knowledge of Sri Vidya. I live, breathe and teach from this fund every day.

Soon the vocation crystallized, that the essence of my life is to let my knowledge and experience be woven together, so that I can advise and support others in their search for their unique purpose in life. I am lucky to have been able to merged my job and Yoga, a matter close to my heart, together so wonderfully.






Senior Teacher and Owner

I'll tell you now why you want to get to know me :-)


The complaints of a serious riding accident from my childhood, as well as the upcoming QV (final exams), brought me to take a Yoga Workshop. I started to repeat what I had learned in the morning after getting up and within a few weeks, the many painful years with back pain disappeared and a new life began! I wanted to know what this Yoga is because it can do more than just relieve pain, that's what my intuition told me. What would happen if I eat a Banana and get into a headstand for 30 minutes? So I started looking for a Master Teacher. I found Yogarupa Rod Stryker and my calling.  

Do you remember the last time you were really happy and content - that split second when you knew? It might have been a hug, a smile from someone walking towards you, or a ray of sunshine kissing your cheek. This is Tantra. It means to «let your heart be touched». But the meaning of Tantra goes much deeper.


Tantra opens the doors so that you can fully perceive the connection to yourself, the people around you, and life again. Feel that your life and the world are something inherently sacred. Learn to live and integrate this into everyday life through the easily accessible methods that you learn.  


Your mind consumes endless amounts of your energy in search of happiness and fulfillment. If you learn to master your breath and manage your energy, you can better master your mind. If you understand how to use the powers of your body efficiently, you have a springboard that lets you land in your form of spirituality. Even in turbulent times in your life, you will keep calm and make the right decision by hearing the voice of your heart. With me, you will find, feel and experience what it means to live Tantra - on and off the mat.  


Juri Zegg​


Karma Teacher

I grew up in the mountainous canton of Graubünden and moved to Zurich to study medicine. Back then I loved endurance training to «unwind» after a busy day. Rather by coincidence, a friend and I found ourselves in one of Angelica’s yoga lessons at ASVZ (the university’s sports program). This was a crucial event. The practice left me not only with a fantastic feeling of my physical body, but also with a clarity of mind that I had never experienced before. From that moment on, I attended yoga classes regularly, initially at ASVZ. Soon after I switched to the AyurvedaYoga classes at the studio. Today I can't imagine a life without yoga, the effects of my regular practice are simply too convincing:

  • neck tension after a long day at the desk - that’s history!

  • miserable autumn weather in Zurich - for me no reason to have the blues!

  • more energy to get things done, feeling healthier, content & having self-confidence - yes!

Teaching Asana Anatomy and Workshops gives me so much joy. It is a great gift, to be able to pass on my knowledge of medicine in combination with my knowledge gained through my ParaYoga education. I love to inspire others.

In Juri, Angelica & Misty have discovered a Yogi, in which the teacher has been waiting to be awakened. We are pleased to have Juri on our Team!


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Florian Sparr


Karma Yogi

Gastronomy and tourism have been my life for more than a decade. I particularly enjoyed cooking and worked in various positions at a number of new openings. However, what fascinated me the most was the encounters with many different people from all parts of the world.

Later I completed a degree in health management and health promotion and focused on health science work in the field of health promotion, prevention, and health policy.

From a young age, I was intensively involved with different religions, worldviews, and perspectives on life. Exercise and sport have always been a part of me. At some point, these interests also led me to Yoga and I finally ended up in the AY-Family where I found Misty and Angelica as my teachers.

To AY, I bring to the table, my critical mind, health science expertise, and gastronomy knowledge. I'm proud to be a part of the AY Team.

Florian is the good soul of our Studio and anywhere we go. He is to AY off the mat what we are to our Student on the mat. Thank you for being on this journey with us. 

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